FERPA and Student Records

Confidentiality of Student Information

Procedures for the release and disclosure of student records maintained by the University are in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (FERPA). The University is guided by the principles that the privacy of an individual is of great importance and that as much information in a student's file as possible should be disclosed to the student upon request. University officials may have access to student information when access is necessary for legitimate educational interests such as appropriate advising, relating to the student's academic or campus life. Third parties have access to personally identifiable student records or information only with the student's written consent or as otherwise provided by FERPA. Parents and guardians are considered third parties who need a written release signed by the student to gain access to student records (FERPA release form). Detailed guidelines for the release and disclosure of information are available from the Office of the Registrar. These guidelines comply with FERPA and Students' Right to Know/Campus Security Act of 1990. An annual notice is published online and sent to students. A detailed description of student rights under FERPA is contained in the student handbook. Required undergraduate and graduate student theses and other papers authored by students may be made available by the University for the research purposes of third parties with students' permission.

Change of Legal Name/Address

It is the student's responsibility to complete a change of name/address form with the Office of the Registrar whenever such a change occurs. Legal name changes must be accompanied by official documentation with the new name.

Transcript Services

Salve Regina University transcripts are released only when a student submits a written, signed request and pays the transcript fee, except when mandated by law. Students can request official transcripts online at salve.edu/registrar and submit a request through our third-party vendor, Parchment. Students can receive official transcripts via email or mail.

To obtain copies of transcripts and source document such as test scores from other institutions, students must contact the originators of those records, for example the Office of the Registrar of the original institution. Salve Regina University does not copy transcripts of other schools for student use.