Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGS)

WGS-200:  Theory and Practice in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies  (3 Credits)  

A study of pioneering texts in feminist and queer theories, this seminar-style course provides students with a framework for understanding key issues and debates, both historical and contemporary, in the fields of women, gender, and sexuality studies. Students in this class also learn to combine theory and practice by developing, organizing, and realizing a service-learning project during the term. Personal engagement with the course material encourages students to explore their own locations in relation to ideas about diversity and to contemplate their own future roles and responsibilities towards social justice.

Theme: Defining the American Experience.  
WGS-350:  Special Topics in Women, Gender and Sexuality  (3 Credits)  

This seminar-style course will provide students with an opportunity to engage with topics of special interest in women, gender and sexuality studies. Offerings will be drawn from special topics courses offered in a variety of departments and disciplines and cross-listed as WGS; specialized courses within the WGS minor may also be offered. Students who wish to enroll in such courses must meet any department-level requirements or prerequisites for the courses.