The minor in dance allows students to further their knowledge and understanding of dance as a creative art form and study the many facets of dance, including theory, criticism, history, technique, body mechanics, injury prevention and composition. Students are encouraged to cultivate their strengths and find their unique artistic voice in a way that enhances any future career trajectory.

Students completing a minor in Dance complete the following (18 credits):

Required Courses
DNC-100Dance in Society: Aesthetics and Cultural Contexts3
DNC-210Roots of Jazz Dance: Africanist Aesthetics and the American Experience3
DNC-301Dancing Histories3
or DNC-400 Choreography
Dance Technique
Select a minimum of 6 credits across at least three different dance styles from this list:6
Tap Dance
Hip Hop Dance
Contemporary Dance II
Ballet II
West African Dance
Rhythm-Generated Jazz Styles and Techniques
Contemporary Jazz Styles and Techniques
Additional Courses
Additional credits can come from the listing of courses above and below to fulfill the 9 required credits:3
Advanced Contemporary Workshop
Contemporary Dance
Ballet I
Dance for the Musical Theatre
Conditioning for Dancers
Social Dance
Theatrical Jazz Styles and Techniques
Arts for Social Action
Dance Performance
Special Topics
Dance Composition
Total Credits18

Additional Requirements: In addition, all Dance minors must participate in one mainstage Theatre Arts production as a crew member.