Theatre Arts Minor

The minor in theatre allows students to participate on stage in and out of the classroom as well as delve deeply into identity, community, and culture. Minors choose from two of our foundational courses and one of our dramatic literature courses. They then have the freedom to choose from the remainder of THE course offerings to complete a total of 18 credits. Minors are encouraged to meet with the theatre program coordinator to create a curriculum that excites them. 

Students completing a minor in Theatre Arts complete the following (18 credits):

Choose two of the following courses:6
Foundations of Acting
Theatre and Community Engagement
Choose one of the following courses:3
Multicultural Drama and Performance
African American Drama
Gender and Sexuality in Performance
Choose nine additional credits within THE offerings.9
Total Credits18

Additional Requirement

In addition, all Theatre minors must participate in two mainstage Theatre Arts productions: one as crew member and one as performer.