Data Analytics Minor

Data analytics is the science of collecting, cleaning, and analyzing raw data to identify patterns, draw conclusions, gain insights, and support effective decision-making. The field of data analytics is built on a foundation of certain areas of mathematics, computer science, statistics, and accepted practice within an application area. The goal of this minor is to enhance various majors with the essential foundational material, key ideas, commonly used tools, and experience in the practice of data analytics.

Students seeking a minor in Data Analytics are required to take the following courses:

Required Courses
STA-173Statistical Methods3
or STA-342 Statistical Theory II
CSC-103Computer Programming I3
CSC-104Computer Programming II3
DSA-201Introduction to Data Science and Analytics3
DSA-202Data Analysis and Visualization3
Approved Data Analytics Electives
Select one of the following approved elective courses or another course approved by the department chair:3
Accounting Research & Analytics
Algorithms and Data Structures
Introduction to Econometrics
Total Credits18