Hospitality and Tourism Management Minor

The hospitality and tourism industry is the world’s largest service industry and the second-largest industry sector in the state of Rhode Island, providing over 50,000 jobs and earning the state over $5.75 billion annually. The many hospitality and tourism segments employ numerous academic disciplines, including global studies, marketing, cultural and historic preservation, political science, economics, environmental studies, communications, history, and more. This minor can be combined with a student’s primary discipline(s) to design a rewarding, fulfilling, and lucrative career path.

The hospitality and tourism minor at Salve Regina University provides students with a firm understanding of how the leisure experience is facilitated through hospitality services and tourism experiences, as well as its impact on both local and global economies and ecosystems. The program provides foundational courses in the broader hospitality and tourism industry, focusing on high-end, personalized customer service, data-driven decision-making, and holistic industry impact, while allowing students to select relevant electives that support different professions and industry sectors.

Students completing a minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management are required to complete 18 credits, as listed below:

MGT-150Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism3
MGT-245Hotel and Resort Management3
MGT-242Food and Beverage Management3
MGT-368Revenue Management3
MGT-445Service Quality and Customer Experience3
Complete one of the following courses:3
History of Newport Architecture
Humans and their Environment
Introduction to Historic Preservation
Introduction to Public Relations
Advertising and Consumer Culture
Introductory Macroeconomics
Introductory Microeconomics
Global Economics
Introduction to Econometrics
Economic Growth and Development
Environmental Justice
Natural Resource Management
Introduction to Global Studies
Modern Global History
Intercultural Communication
Principles of Business Management
Business Analytics
Business Communications
Principles of Marketing
Management of Human Resources
Ethics for Business
Consumer Behavior
Event Planning and Facility Management
Professional Selling
Global Marketing
Business Law-Labor Law
Professional Internship in Business
Anthropology: Interpreting Cultural Differences
Global Ethics
Total Credits18