Data Science Analytics (DSA)

DSA-201:  Introduction to Data Science and Analytics  (3 Credits)  
Pre-requisite(s): A grade of C+ or higher in both STA-173 and a MTH course numbered 172 or greater; or MTH-195 are required.  

In this course students are introduced to the fundamental concepts and tools of data science and analytics. Topics include the "data science life-cycle," programming environment such as R or Python, data collection and sampling in real-world problems, unstructured data, brief review of descriptive statistics and statistical plots, data transformations and missing data, visualization of multivariate data, clustering, univariate and multivariate regression, confirmatory data analysis.

DSA-202:  Data Analysis and Visualization  (3 Credits)  
Pre-requisite(s): DSA-201 and CSC-103 are required., STA-173 or a MTH course numbered 172 or higher are required.  

In this course students study data structures, data representation, data cleaning, visualization techniques, software for visualization and analysis, data patterns, time-dependent data, hypothesis generation, and descriptive statistics. Use of software such as Python along with selected data-science-related Python libraries and Tableau.