Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Donna Harrington-Lueker, Ph.D.

The Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program is an interdisciplinary minor that approaches the human experience by considering the impact of gender and sexualities. The minor (18 credits) examines the intersection of complex relations among gender, sexualities, power, race, class, ethnicity, identity, and other cultural forms of difference. This individually tailored program allows students to explore service-learning opportunities and to examine how issues of gender and sexualities apply to their fields of study, including nursing, business, art, education, politics, social work, etc. Within their practical fields of study, students discover the broader issues of social justice, the mission of the University, and the dignity of the individual.

Required Course
WGS-200Theory and Practice in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies3
Elective Courses
Select 15 credits from the following: 115
Gender and Sexuality in Art
Hormones & Behavior
Women and Crime
Women Filmmakers
Women's Magazines and the Construction of Gender
Media and Gender
Great Women Novelists
Environmental Justice
Psychology of Prejudice
Contemporary Families
Sexual Ethics
Good Girls, Bad Girls: Women of the Bible
Gender and Sexuality: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
"Sex" at "Work"
Gender Violence
Social Problems: Analysis by Race, Class and Gender
Special Topics in Women, Gender and Sexuality
Total Credits18

The elective courses must be selected from the list of approved classes. Students must take elective classes in at least two different disciplines.