Business Intelligence for Organizational Progress Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence for Organizational Progress offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive organizational advancement through data analytics. This program covers topics such as quantifying metrics through data analytics, understanding and visualizing data, ethics in data and finance, and business operations and systems thinking. By integrating these areas of study, the certificate program enables participants to effectively analyze data, tell stories through data, make informed decisions, and optimize business operations. Graduates of this program are equipped to leverage data-driven insights, employ ethical practices, and apply systems thinking to enhance organizational performance and drive progress.


Following completion of an approved program of 4 courses (12 credits), the Certificate in Business Intelligence for Organizational Progress is awarded.

MGT-521Data Visualization for Business Intelligence3
MGT-528Quantifying Metrics Through Data Analytics3
MGT-544Data Management and Ethics3
MGT-571Business Operations & Systems Thinking3
Total Credits12