Cultural and Historic Preservation Minor

Students completing a minor in Cultural and Historic Preservation take six courses (18 credits).

CHP-170Introduction to Historic Preservation3
CHP-190Introduction to Archaeology3
CHP-263Historic Site and Cultural Resource Management3
CHP-301American Architecture Survey3
Two additional CHP elective courses6
Total Credits18

Approved CHP Electives

ART-208History of World Art I: Prehistoric to 14003
ART-209History of World Art II: 1400 to Today3
ART-312Classical Art and Archaeology3
ART-319American Painting and Sculpture3
ART-325Wonder: Art, Nature and Museums3
ART-398Special Topics in Art History3
ART-405Curatorial Practice and the Gallery Experience3
CHP-207Introduction to Architecture3
CHP-218Exploring North American Indigenous Cultures3
CHP-223World Archaeology3
CHP-255Internship in Cultural and Historic Preservation3
CHP-256Internship in Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management3
CHP-260The City as a Work of Art3
CHP-30720th and 21st Century Architecture3
CHP-310Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
CHP-311Landscape History and Interpretation3
CHP-323History of Newport Architecture3
CHP-331Northeastern Archaeology3
CHP-332Archaeological Field School3
CHP-335Archaeological Laboratory Methods3
CHP-361Field School in Historic Architecture3
CHP-399Special Topics3
CHP-405Curatorial Practice and the Gallery Experience3
CHP-499Independent Study3