Spanish Minor

Students completing a minor in Spanish take a minimum of six courses (18 credits). 100-level courses do not count towards the minor.

Required courses:

SPA-205Intermediate Spanish I3
SPA-206Intermediate Spanish II3
SPA-241Communication and Cultures I3
SPA-242Communication and Cultures II3
Select one of the following:3
Spanish American Cultures and Civilizations
Spanish Culture and Civilization
Contemporary Hispanic Life: Total Immersion
One course in Hispanic literature 13
Select as many additional courses as needed to complete six courses 2
Total Credits18

E.g., SPA-311 Masters of Spanish American Literature, SPA-312 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature, SPA-421 The Hispanic Caribbean.


Students choose as many additional courses at or above SPA-245 Introduction to Linguistics as needed to complete six courses.