2017-18 Graduate Catalog 
    Sep 16, 2021  
2017-18 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HLC610: Expressive Theater Arts and Movement: a Multi-Modal Approach to Creativity and Transformation

3 Credit(s)
In this course, students have an opportunity to do hands-on experiential work in the expressive and creative arts as applied to a variety of professions including counseling, medical caregiving, education and the corporate environment. The emphasis will be on the modalities of expressive movement and theater arts, with the integration of visual arts and writing interwoven as part of the multi-modal approach. A key premise of this course is that the embodied practices of movement and theater arts provide a vital avenue of expression for the inner self. In addition, the multi-modal approach will create opportunities to reflect upon the ways that one mode of expression informs another, so a deeper understanding of the inter-play of modalities, as intermodal process, will be another area of learning.  This course is offered in a blended format, involving weekend experiential intensives along with guided study time for personal and professional integration. This course is required for the CAGS/CGS in the professional applications of the expressive and creative arts. Any student who would like to register for this course prior to acceptance into the CAGS/CGS expressive and creative arts program would need specific permission of the program coordinator.
Prerequisites for this course: HLC582; HLC584; HLC535