2020-2021 Graduate & Continuing Education Catalog 
    Jul 06, 2022  
2020-2021 Graduate & Continuing Education Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer and Network Use Policy



Salve Regina University is dedicated to the mission of “seeking wisdom, promoting universal justice and through teaching, research and community service to work for a world that is harmonious, just and merciful.” In support of this mission, the University provides access to information technology resources (including computer networks and computer equipment) to its faculty, students, staff and other members of the University community. The computer and network use policy contains the University’s philosophy and requirements governing faculty, students, staff and other members of the community in their use of the University’s information technology resources.

General Principles

The information technology resources are to be used exclusively to further the mission of the University. All members of the University community have the obligation to use these resources in a manner consistent with this goal. The University’s information technology resource is a finite, shared resource of its community worthy of respect. As such, the University expects each member of the community to use these resources responsibly, ethically and to comply with the policy, relevant laws and contractual obligations to other parties. The use of these resources is a privilege. If a member of the community fails to comply with the policy or relevant laws or contractual obligations, that member’s privilege may be revoked. Members of the University community should seriously bear in mind that their use of the University’s resources contribute to the perception that the public at large has of the University. In addition, each time a member of the University community uses these resources (such as sending e-mail) in relation to non-University persons or entities, that member is identified as belonging to the University community. As such, everyone should use these resources consistent with the freedom of expression but without compromising the integrity and well-being of the University.

Computer Account and Revocation Procedures

All members of the University community are provided with a network username and password upon their enrollment in a course or the start of their employment. Access to the University’s network system may be revoked temporarily or permanently if one’s information technology related behavior or use of one’s network account falls within one or more of the following circumstances:

  1. Violation of federal or state law, or criminal activity.
  2. Behavior that constitutes a violation of a University policy or code, including this Policy.
  3. The use of the Internet or the University’s computer network and associated resources for one’s own commercial gain, or for commercial purposes not officially sanctioned by the University.
  4. Your account has been compromised.

Your use of your account constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of all published rules and regulations regarding the network, including this Policy.

Freedom of expression and an open environment within which to pursue scholarly inquiry and to share information are encouraged and supported at the University. While the University rejects censorship, behavior that constitutes misconduct will not be protected. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to use of, the University’s information technology resources in connection with child pornography, harassment of any kind, copyright infringement, theft, unauthorized access and other violations of the law.


Members of the University community are entitled to privacy in their use of information resources. Each user number, login name, account name, or any other user name and associated password belongs to an individual or a department. No one should use a user number, login name, any user name or account name and password without explicit permission from the owner. No one should use aliases, nicknames, pointers, or other electronic means to attempt to impersonate, redirect, or confuse those who use the information resources. Each member of the University community shall accept the burden for the responsible use and dissemination of his or her user number, login name, user name and account name and password and is further responsible for any authorized use of one’s account.

The University, to fulfill its responsibility to the academic community, reserves the right to monitor periodically the activities on its network system. Further, the University may be subject to subpoena or other lawfully mandated legal process related to unlawful use or other violations which will subject the entire network or individual accounts to outside monitoring.

Salve Regina E-mail Policy

In accordance with Salve Regina e-mail policy, only the salve.edu e-mail account is used for student academic and business electronic communications.

All electronic communication initiated by University offices for students are sent to students’ Salve Regina University e-mail accounts. This applies to all undergraduate and graduate students, and includes important announcements, individual notices, and course notifications. The Salve Regina e-mail account provides the University a means of communicating effectively without being unduly concerned when other e-mail accounts become invalid.

It is important to emphasize that Salve Regina does not send information to students using any other e-mail account. It is important that students check their Salve Regina Web mail often. The Office of Information Technologies provides detailed guidelines about the procedures for all students. Students who need help with the log-in should contact the Salve Regina Help Desk at helpdesk@salve.edu.