2018-2019 Graduate and Continuing Education Catalog 
    Mar 08, 2021  
2018-2019 Graduate and Continuing Education Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Holistic Leadership (M.A.)

Transcendent leadership models and approaches are needed to help guide us through the current complex and turbulent times.  Emergent leaders with differing skill sets are essential everywhere and at all levels of human endeavor. . It is no longer possible to leave leadership, solely to those who occupy the title by position and rank.  Everyone can and must contribute to the ongoing survival of our organized systems.  In all fields of work, service and study, we need different ways to view leadership that move away from proscribed and static paradigms or ideas and that can create effective functioning at all levels:  self, society, organizations, community, nations and the planet.  Leadership is multifaceted and complex in both theory and practice.  It may be both a calling and also a disciplined scholarly field of study.

Holistic Leadership is a cutting edge professional studies program applicable to professionals in many disciplines. Our motto states: The World is changing. Lead it and supports our belief that leading today is a shared and collaborative responsibility.  Leadership is multifaceted and complex in both theory and practice. The Master of Arts in Holistic Leadership is an integrative field of study where students learn theory and practice to gain skills that assist in leading individuals, groups, and large organized systems in complex and turbulent times.  The Program combines holistic integrative approaches, personal mastery, interpersonal communication skills organizational learning, and systems thinking, so that students may learn to lead effectively within a group, organized system and/or community. Students also learn to see personal, group, and larger systems through multiple lenses and to apply creative and strategic thinking, inquiring, and reflective analysis to many types of situations. Students are introduced to both western and nonwestern leadership principles and models as well as to the art of leading profound change and transformation. The Holistic Leadership Program differs from many traditional graduate leadership programs in its emphasis upon the body/mind/spirit or the whole person and/or whole system approach to leading.

The Program combines holistic approaches to personal mastery, interpersonal communication skills, service leadership practice, and systems thinking so that students may learn to lead anywhere within a family, group, organized system and/or community.  Students also learn to see complex human behavior through multiple lenses and to apply strategic critical thinking, inquiring, and reflective analysis to leadership.  This program prepares students to become leadership specialists within a holistic or integrative perspective. Based on the program vision of a five-level helix model, we integrate the following concepts into program philosophy and course curriculum: personal development skills, one-to-one counseling and helping skills; small system skills; large system skills; and global system skills. Holistic leadership specialists- in- training are presented with the idea that personal and system wholeness depends upon connectedness with the human community and with the natural world that supports it. In recognition of our interconnectedness, courses address approaches through the body, the cognitive,the emotional and through the spirit. Emphasis is on helping to support self-realization and system wholeness.

Program Requirements

The leadership program offers a 36-credit master’s degree in holistic leadership.  Graduates of the Salve Regina holistic counseling program and/or other university graduate programs may earn an additional 12-credit Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies or a 12-credit Certificate of Graduate Studies in holistic leadership.  Applicants to the holistic leadership certificate program who already have a master’s or an undergraduate (in some instances) degree from an accredited university other than Salve Regina may be eligible for admissions into a Certificate of Graduate Studies program in holistic leadership.  Upon review of a potential student’s application, and on a case-by-case basis, applicants may be required to take additional holistic foundation courses in order to be fully matriculated into the CAGS and CGS programs. 


Students must successfully complete 36 credits to qualify for the master’s degree in holistic leadership.

Students must choose one of the following four courses as part of the required curriculum:


Course substitutions may, upon review, be approved by the program director - if appropriate and applicable to a student’s personal and professional goals.

Additional Information

Electives may be substituted with appropriate courses with permission of program director - if appropriate and applicable to a student’s personal and professional goals. Holistic leadership students may select elective courses individually to reflect personal, career, and professional goals. In some instances, electives may be substituted with appropriate courses from other disciplines, such as administration of justice and homeland security (ADJ); business studies (MGT); health care administration and management (HCA); holistic counseling (HLC); humanities (HUM); international relations (INR); or rehabilitation counseling (RHB) with permission of the program director. Prerequisites as indicated in the course descriptions are required unless specifically waived by the director. Required courses are offered at least once per academic year. Most electives are offered annually, some every other year. Course substitutions may, upon request, be approved by the program director.