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Salve Regina University    
  Feb 24, 2018
2017-18 Undergraduate Catalog

Religious and Theological Studies (B.A.)

Major Requirements

Students majoring in Religious and Theological Studies must take a minimum of 10 Religious and Theological Studies courses (30 credits). Requirements include:

One non-Christian Tradition course:

Three RTS electives (9 credits).

Demonstrated proficiency in Information Literacy


Students will craft their individual program of study in consultation with the department chair or another advisor from the department. While writing a thesis is not a requirement of the major, the option is available (RTS495  ) to those who are planning to pursue graduate studies or who would otherwise benefit from the experience of undertaking a complex, guided research project

Possible Concentrations

Both majors and minors may, but need not, choose to build their program of study around a particular area by focusing their elective courses in specific ways. The department suggests the following possible concentrations. The student would select four (4) courses from any given area.

Note: At times Special Topics Courses (RTS 399 ) or Independent Study Courses (RTS499 ) may appropriately fall under a particular concentration as well.