2018-2019 Graduate and Continuing Education Catalog 
    Jun 05, 2020  
2018-2019 Graduate and Continuing Education Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HLL520: Leading Holistically: Cross-Cultural Awareness

3 Credit(s)
Leaders with new skill sets are urgently needed in all aspects of our collective lives-personally, locally, and globally. Leading holistically looks at leadership as an integrative and interdisciplinary field of study. The course will address complex leadership topics such as: diversity, cross-cultural competence and ethics.  It will explore models of leading that intersect academic disciplines, provide practical tools to bridge the differences that create conflict and that divide us personally, within organized systems and throughout the planet. Specifically the course reviews how body/mind/spirit integration plays a part in our leadership effectiveness and how focused awareness presence, and mindfulness affects our leading abilities and informs effective action. It views leadership through a combined examination of western-based theoretical models and non-western based multicultural principles and approaches. Students will apply theories to practice, discover personal leadership abilities, develop cultural competencies and integrate learning within their own areas of interest. HLL520 and HLL519 are introductory holistic leadership courses.