2018-2019 Graduate and Continuing Education Catalog 
    May 06, 2021  
2018-2019 Graduate and Continuing Education Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HLL519: Introduction to Holistic Leadership Perspectives

3 Credit(s)
Emerging leaders with different skill sets are needed everywhere at all levels: personal, professional, local, national, cross-national, global and planetary. Students will be introduced to leadership perspectives at individual, group, and large system levels. They will learn to identify and apply these perspectives, become familiar with a pluralistic conceptual framework that can be applied to most organized settings including: personal, family, small group, private, not-for-profit, profit, education, health, military, community, national and/or global systems. Emphasis in this course will be upon individual personal and interpersonal mastery and the way in which our mental models, assumptions, beliefs and thinking patterns affect leadership action. HLL519 is an introductory required course in the holistic leadership program. It is a stand-alone elective for students in holistic counseling and in other University graduate programs.