2017-18 Graduate Catalog 
    Aug 12, 2020  
2017-18 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HLC504: Holistic Foundations

3 Credit(s)
This is the foundation course for holistic graduate programs. The fundamental concepts of the program, which will be elaborated and expanded upon in subsequent courses, are presented here. This course provides an introduction and historical overview of the philosophic and scientific foundations that inform the holistic graduate programs. The course focuses on the emergence of a holistic perspective as it applies to the development of western science and philosophy within the context of psychology, counseling and leadership as distinct disciplines. It examines how attitudes, beliefs, and epistemological assumptions of scientific researchers have influenced professional practice in the fields of counseling and leadership. It further traces how recent changes in science’s epistemological assumptions have affected a shift in both research and professional practice and considers the implications of this shift.  Ethics and orientation related to these professions are introduced in this course. Non matriculating students are permitted to take this course.  This course should be taken in the first year. This course should be taken in the first year.