2017-18 Graduate Catalog 
    Oct 17, 2019  
2017-18 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


Holistic Counseling

   •  HLC620: Theory and Overview of Substance Abuse Treatment
   •  HLC621: Ethics and Confidentiality in Behavioral Health Care
   •  HLC622: Neuroscience of Chemical Dependency
   •  HLC623: Substance Abuse Treatment

Holistic Leadership

   •  HLL519: Introduction to Holistic Leadership Perspectives
   •  HLL520: Leading Holistically: Cross-Cultural Awareness
   •  HLL522: Creative Intervention Skills I
   •  HLL523: Creative Intervention Skills II
   •  HLL527: Leading System Change and Transformation


   •  HUM500: Research Methods
   •  HUM501: Social and Ethical Issues: A Global Perspective
   •  HUM503: Global and Comparative Literature I
   •  HUM504: Global and Comparative Literature II
   •  HUM505: Global Traditions and Area Studies I
   •  HUM506: Global Traditions and Area Studies II
   •  HUM510: A History of Technology
   •  HUM545: Research Colloquium
   •  HUM581: Special Topics
   •  HUM590: M.A. Thesis
   •  HUM591: Independent Study
   •  HUM598: Internship
   •  HUM600: Humanities Problems and Perspectives
   •  HUM605: Philosophical Perspectives on the Digital Age
   •  HUM610: Religion, Culture and Technology
   •  HUM617: Political Philosophy and Technology
   •  HUM618: Humanities Theory, Method and the Disciplines
   •  HUM620: Social Transformation through Art
   •  HUM625: Ethics and Modern Technology
   •  HUM630: Modern Literature and the Human Condition
   •  HUM635: Culture, Society and the Global Condition (Capstone Course)
   •  HUM645: Research Colloquium
   •  HUM680: Dissertation Research and Writing

International Relations

   •  INR500: Research Methods
   •  INR511: Philosophical Foundations of Politics
   •  INR512: Justice and Order in International Relations
   •  INR513: Comparative Political Development
   •  INR516: Identity, Harmony, and Conflict
   •  INR522: Integration and Globalization Politics
   •  INR531: Just and Unjust Wars
   •  INR533: International Political Economy
   •  INR534: Environmental Justice
   •  INR542: Dispute and Conflict Resolution
   •  INR552: Terrorism and Transnational Crime
   •  INR562: International Organizations and Law
   •  INR571: International Human Rights
   •  INR572: Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Prevention and Responses
   •  INR586: Politics of the Middle East
   •  INR590: Thesis
   •  INR591: Independent Study/Research
   •  INR592: Topical and Regional Issues in International Relations
   •  INR593: Topical and Regional Issues in Comparative Politics
   •  INR598: Internship


   •  MGT502: Managing in a Global Economy
   •  MGT503: Business Law
   •  MGT509: Human Resources Management
   •  MGT510: Managing Business Operations
   •  MGT524: Entrepreneurial Enterprise
   •  MGT525: Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise
   •  MGT527: Leading Innovation
   •  MGT530: Building Value Through Marketing
   •  MGT540: Social Justice and Business Ethics
   •  MGT550: Non-profit Management
   •  MGT551: Fundraising and Marketing for Non-profits
   •  MGT552: Non-profit Financial Management
   •  MGT554: Business Foresight and Futuring
   •  MGT555: Organizational Transformation and Change
   •  MGT558: Management of Cyber Opportunities and Threats
   •  MGT561: Financial Management
   •  MGT562: Managerial Accounting
   •  MGT567: Creative Problem-Solving
   •  MGT569: Managerial Decision-Making
   •  MGT575: Strategic Management and Business Policy
   •  MGT581: Special Topics
   •  MGT589: Innovation and Strategic Management (required program capstone)
   •  MGT591: Independent Study
   •  MGT598: Internship


   •  NUR500: Research Methods
   •  NUR503: Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology
   •  NUR505: Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse
   •  NUR510: Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Practice Nursing
   •  NUR512: Advanced Health Assessment
   •  NUR514: Advanced Healthcare Informatics
   •  NUR520: Research for Evidence-Based Practice
   •  NUR533: Family Theories
   •  NUR535: Pharmacologic Principles for Advanced Practice Nursing
   •  NUR538: Health Promotion Across the Lifespan
   •  NUR540: Application of the Advanced Practice Nurse Role I
   •  NUR550: Managing Common Health Conditions
   •  NUR552: Managing Complex Health Conditions
   •  NUR555: Application of the Advanced Practice Nurse Role II
   •  NUR565: Application of the Advanced Practical Nurse Role III
   •  NUR615: Ethical Issues in Advanced Practice Nursing
   •  NUR620: Epidemiology
   •  NUR625: Organizational and Systems Leadership in Healthcare
   •  NUR633: Business and Legal Aspects of Advanced Practice Nursing
   •  NUR650: DNP Capstone Project: Development
   •  NUR655: DNP Capstone Project: Implementation
   •  NUR660: DNP Capstone Project: Evaluation


   •  PSY510: Applied Behavior Analysis: Ethics and Professional Conduct
   •  PSY511: History of Behaviorism

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